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This beautiful castle was originally built in the 18th century in the serene surroundings of the Jhalamand. Situated on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad highway, this majestic hotel was officially the property of the Sisodia clan of Mewar which is presently called Udaipur who in the middle of the 18th century moved to Marwar presently known as Jodhpur.

After years of systematic alterations and renovations, we opened the doors of this majestic place to the travellers to come and experience the bygone era. The owner of this place has tastefully transformed the heritage haveli into a majestic, cosy Inn to accommodate tourists.

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Deluxe rooms

Our deluxe rooms come with a traditional bed and architecture. It is equipped with a controlled temperature, high-speed WiFi, a comfortable environment, and a clean washroom for a peaceful slumber. The traditional paintings on the wall, wooden furniture, and overall royal vibe will bring a piece of Jodhpur right into your room.

Luxury Heritage Tent

While staying in the enchanting city, our guests can avail of this extraordinary opportunity to experience the majestic comfort of the luxury heritage-tented accommodation. Reminiscent of a striking era bygone, these stunning traditionally designed heritage tents, are rustic yet highly reflective of the Rajasthani aesthetic and hospitality.

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Create your own memories when you stay with us at Jhalmand Garh. Whether you're here with a group of friends from your childhood or family with kids in tow, we have something for everyone. From tstate-of-the-art ambience to eye-opening experiences or a relaxing stay, any dream can become a reality.

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Our free WIFI is always available to ensure every moment is special, as you enjoy stylish spaces, luxurious living, and exclusive privileges.

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Experience convenient and hassle-free parking. Our convenient and efficient free parking solutions designed to fulfill the exclusive needs of our esteemed patrons.

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Live the high life at our bustling bar, where we serve premium cocktails and delectable cuisine. Soak in the warm and lavish ecstasy and make the most of your indulgence.


Consulates and Ambassadors have stayed with us


Raj Gharana - Food festivals hosted in various 5 star & Luxury Hotels across the country in last 5 yearst


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